Barung landcare

Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue is a member of the Barung family and provides a vital service for our region and state-wide.

Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue operates a 24-hour, volunteer-run, Queensland-wide koala rescue service. The service includes two qualified tree climbers - specialising in high tree climb koala rescues - who are regularly called on for koala rescues all over the state.

Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue service works with schools and communities to educate the public; they also undertake regular tree-plantings for koala food and habitat.

This valuable service relies heavily on donations to keep running. To become a member, donate or become a sponsor, visit their website:

What to do if you see a sick, injured or orphaned koala

  • Call the Rescue Service hotline immediately - 0423 618740 or 0431 300729. Ensure your own safety and keep an eye on the koala until a rescuer arrives
  • Cover the koala with a towel, blanket, box or laundry basket
  • Keep people and dogs away to avoid further stress to the koala


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