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Walks on the Wildside - Maroochy Botanical Gardens

  • Saturday, November 26, 2016
  • 9:00 AM
  • Mapleton Falls National Park, Wompoo Circuit

Walks on the Wildside

The walk this month, Saturday 26th November will be to the Maroochy Botanical Gardens where we can have a look at the exhibition, take a stroll through the Sculpture garden and the new whipbird walk as well as any other walk we wish to do.

This Saturday is a special treat because I am combining two hats, Sister Cities and Barung. As secretary of the Sunshine Coast Sister Cities Association I am heavily involved this week with a visiting delegation from our sister city in Japan, Tatebayashi, with whom we are celebrating 20 years of sistership. Part of the celebrations include a collaborative art exhibition at the Maroochy Botanical Gardens Art and Ecology centre. A Japanese artist, Marsua Shimokawa has been photographing the water retardation work at the Waterace Basin near his home in Japan for many years. He has collected the debris and used it to make artwork. Similarly themed workshops are being held at the Ananda Marga River School in Maleny by Sunshine Coast artists, Christine Elcoate, Barry Smith and Fiona Demster on Monday,21st Nov. The exhibition is mainly photographic and the River School's work will also be displayed at the centre. Another artist Dr Leah Barclay, is exhibiting as a sound artist with the work she has done on the Noosa River with sound relaying the health of the river. (Interesting concept).

 Please come along and enjoy a pleasant morning.

We will meet at 9am and do some walks and move onto the Art and Ecology Centre when the exhibition opens at 10am.

See the Flyers below for details on the Art & Ecology Exhibition

Flyer for A and E centre front.pdf

Flyer for A and E centre back.pdf

Please call me on 0412031880 if you have any questions

Cheers Raine

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