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Walks on Wildside - Gherulla Falls at Mapleton

  • Saturday, November 18, 2017
  • 8:45 AM
  • Gherulla Falls at Mapleton

This Saturday's walk November 18th,  will be down to the Gherulla Falls at Mapleton now that it has rained there may well be water falling! To get there you go down Delicia Road past the cemetery and the recycle centre on the left and it is further along from the Linda Garrett walk on the right. There isn't a lot of parking available, no car park, just side of the road so carpooling would be good. As there is nowhere at the top to picnic we could all bring a light pack to carry and eat on the rocks near the falls. It's very peaceful down there. The load will be lighter on the way back!

We will meet at 8.45 for a 9am ramble. It looks like it might rain so it will be cancelled if it is wet as the track down the hill would be too slippery and dangerous.

I'll confirm on Friday.
Cheers Raine 0412031880

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