Events and Workshops

Year: 2016

1January, 2016
Jan 29 Roving Restorers at Curramore
Feb 12 Roving Restorers Maleny-Kenilworth Rd, Maleny
Feb 14 Workshop - Create a garden paradise for wildlife
Feb 14 Workshop - Create a garden paradise for wildlife (afternoon session)
Feb 20 Walks on the Wildside - Strangler Cairn Conondale National Park
Feb 21 Roving Restorers - Glideways project at Elaman Creek
Mar 06 Workshop: Bring Beautiful Butterflies back to our Backyards
Mar 07 Roving Restorers at Flaxton
Mar 13 Workshop - Create a garden paradise for wildlife
Mar 19 Walks on the Wildside - Maleny Precinct
Mar 19 Gliding Possum workshop
Mar 20 Maleny District Green Hills Fund - Bushcare
Mar 21 Roving Restorers at the Book Farm, Reesville
Apr 01 Little Yabba Bushcare
Apr 04 Roving Restorers at Watsons Lane, Reesville
Apr 08 A Sense of Place
Apr 20 Bush Regeneration Master Class - Field Nutrition
Apr 22 Roving Restorers at Wootha
Apr 30 Wood Expo Volunteer Registration
Apr 30 Maleny Wood Expo 2016
Apr 30 Milking Stool Workshop Using Simple Tools and Techniques
Apr 30 Cool Stool School Workshops
Apr 30 Weaving with Garden Waste Plants
Apr 30 Spoon Carving with Carol Russell
Apr 30 Dovetail Masterclass
Apr 30 Get Bent - Bending and Laminating
May 01 Hand Held Carving with Don Powell - a 2 day workshop
May 06 Little Yabba Bushcare
May 13 Roving Restorers at Beechwoods
May 19 Fungi, Fun & Facts
May 28 Walks on the Wildside -Bookfarm
May 28 Roving Restorers at Witta
May 28 Gympie & District Field Naturalists' afternoon at Gympie Landcare
Jun 03 Little Yabba Bushcare
Jun 06 Roving Restorers Bushwalk in Conondale National Park
Jun 19 Workshop: Weed Vines - how to stop them in their tracks
Jun 24 Roving Restorers - Glideways Project at Elaman Creek
Jun 25 Walks on the Wildside - Koala Park, Nambour
Jun 26 Noosa Festival of Water
Jun 30 25 Years of NRM and Sustainable Ag in Cambodia
Jul 01 Little Yabba Bushcare
Jul 08 Roving Restorers - Traveston
Jul 10 Wood Expo Volunteer Thank You BBQ
Jul 15 Native Seed Collection & Propagation
Jul 19 Making Your Front Garden for Wildlife: Stage 1
Jul 23 Walks on the Wildside -Mt Ngungun Glasshouse Mountains
Jul 29 Roving Restorers - Watsons Lane, Reesville
Jul 31 National Tree Day planting at Landsborough
Aug 05 Little Yabba Bushcare
Aug 18 Making Your Front Garden for Wildlife: Stage 2
Aug 27 Subtropical Forests Ecology Course 27-30 Aug 2016
Sep 01 Barung Porters Lane Nursery sale
Sep 02 Little Yabba Bushcare
Sep 03 A Gardening Journey
Sep 05 National Landcare Week
Sep 08 Making Your Front Garden for Wildlife: Stage 3
Sep 11 Roving Restorers - Bushcare’s Major Day Out at Rainforest Ridge, Curramore
Sep 14 Native Plant ID & Weed Recognition
Sep 17 Hinterland Bush Links AGM 2016
Sep 24 Walks on the Wildside - Mapleton Falls National Park, Wompoo Circuit
Sep 25 Maleny District Green Hills - Bushcare
Sep 26 Roving Restorers - Fryers Creek, Maleny
Oct 05 Planning, Preparation & Commitment
Oct 07 Little Yabba Bushcare
Oct 10 Roving Restorers Bushwalk at Curramore Sanctuary
Oct 17 Roving Restorers - The Book Farm, Reesville
Oct 31 Roving Restorers - Moy Pocket near Kenilworth
Nov 04 Little Yabba Bushcare
Nov 05 Barung Landcare Annual General Meeting 2016
Nov 14 Roving Restorers - Booloumba Ck, Cambroon
Nov 15 Birds in Backyards
Nov 23 An Introduction to Australian Mistletoes
Nov 25 Roving Restorers - Reesville
Nov 26 Walks on the Wildside - Maroochy Botanical Gardens
Dec 05 Roving Restorers - Curramore
Dec 08 A Carers Life - Not all Cuddles
Dec 18 Maleny District Green Hills - Bushcare
Dec 21 Barung Christmas BBQ
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