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Based in Maleny, Barung Landcare is a leading community-based organisation working to develop ethical solutions for a sustainable future. We support local and regional community empowerment to conserve and enhance the rich diversity of natural resources of the Blackall Range and surrounding environs. 

About Hinterland Bush Links....

Connecting habitat to protect our local plants and animals

Hinterland Bush Links aims to protect healthy bush long-term, restore areas that have been degraded by weeds and other impacts, and connect habitat with flora and fauna corridors.

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland embraces a magnificently varied landscape, climates and habitats – from the sandy coastal plains with their stunning wildflowers, to the rainforest shrouded mountains of the Conondale Range.

This makes the Sunshine Coast Hinterland a hotspot for biodiversity, and we are fortunate to be living in a region of so many and varied types of animals and plants. It is a place that has been valued by indigenous people for thousands of years.

However the clearing of vegetation and fragmentation of what remains, have led to the decline of many of our precious plants and animals.

One of the most effective ways of reversing this decline is to connect remaining vegetation with broad flora and fauna corridors. This allows plants and animals to disperse through the landscape and access more of their natural habitat.

For many years people have been doing effective conservation works in their local district. Hinterland Bush Links will enhance these efforts by providing a strategic framework for long-term conservation action across the broad Hinterland landscape.

On a larger scale, the project ties in with the national Great Eastern Ranges Initiative which is connecting habitat along the length of eastern Australia.

One key Hinterland corridor is the east-west link from the Conondale Range to the Blackall Range and down the Mooloolah Valley. Within this linkage, Hinterland Bush Links has initiated restoration and connection projects at Little Yabba Park and in the Booloumba Creek catchment.

of Hinterland Bush Links

The August 2015 incorporation of Hinterland Bush Links was a requirement for continued partnership funding from Sunshine Coast Regional Council. 

Memorandum of Understanding has been established between Hinterland Bush Links and Barung Landcare. The two organisations will continue to work closely and collaboratively to conserve and enhance the rich biodiversity of the Blackall Range and surrounds. 

For enquiries about Hinterland Bush Links call Susie Duncan 5429 6622 or

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