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Barung members are able to obtain a wholesale discount by making an advance payment of $250 or more to the Barung Credit Program.­ The conditions of this program are outlined below:

-A minimum advance of $250 is required, and top-up payments of $250 or more are required in order to retain eligibility for a discount once the initial advance has been exhausted.

-Plants may be taken when needed, in whatever quantity the member requires.

-These plants are charged against the advance at the prices prevailing on the date the plants are taken.

-The wholesale discount applies to tubestock, mega-tubes and some more advanced stock.

-The discount is restricted to the normal member discount of 10% for stock where the Barung Nursery price list indicates that a maximum discount of 10% applies (generally this discount limitation applies to more advanced stock and some specific lines such as Gossia ‘Aurora’)

-Where Barung offers stock on sale at prices lower than the normal wholesale discount (for example, tubestock at $1.50), these plants are not eligible for any further discount under the Barung Credit Program

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