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Staff – Barung Landcare

With more than 750 members, Barung has now consolidated its reputation as one of the most successful Landcare groups in Queensland, Australia and internationally.

Barung staff profile: skills and qualifications
Here’s a summary of some of the skills and qualifications of Barung staff:

16 Chainsaw Level 1
12 Chainsaw Level 2
17 Senior First Aid
13 Construction Safety White Card
2 Blue Card working with Children
1 ChemCert Accreditation
16 Commercial operator’s licence for using herbicides (ACDC)
5 Cert IV Training and Assessment
2 Cert IV Business
1 Cert IV Small Business
1 CERT III Solid Plastering
1 CERT III Wall and Floor Tiling
1 CERT III Tour Guiding
2 CERT III in Conservation and Land Management
4 CERT III Horticulture
1 Advanced Cert in Pastoral Zone Management
1 Diploma in Business
1 Diploma in Applied Science
1 Diploma in Project Management
1 Diploma in Work Place Training & Assessment
3 Diploma in Conservation and Land Management
1 Bachelor of Science (Zoology)
1 Bachelor of Science (Ecology and Conservation)
1 Bachelor of Land Management (Ecological Agriculture)
1 Bachelor of Coastal Studies
2 Bachelor Environmental Science
2 Bachelor of Arts
1 Bachelor of Applied Science (Horticultural technology)
1 Bachelor of Applied Science (Natural Resources Management)
1 Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management
1 Graduate Certificate in Sustainability
1 Master of Scientific Studies (Botany)

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