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Welcome to Gardens for Wildlife – Newsletter #1

Greetings Gardens for Wildlife Members,

My apologies for the long delay in getting this small newsletter up and running. There will be monthly Gardens for Wildlife newsletters from now on.
It is always exciting to see a new visitor to the garden, especially if it decides to stay. It can also be recognition that the establishment of a link to known habitat, plus a natural food source, may be the reason for its arrival and could be why a Regent Bower Bird has taken up residence in our garden. This stunning black and gold bird has been seen every day for some weeks, splashing in the bird bath, feeding on small fruit and generally moving around. A female has also been sighted but I haven’t yet discovered the bower. We do have the habitat for nesting birds, as checked in our field guide.

Over some years, several neighbours have been revegetating their properties and developing a movement corridor from the Montville/Mapleton Road down into Hunchy. The birds are seen around Flaxton and are presumably resident in the Kondalilla Falls National Park. In addition, those reliable nectar sources, the bottlebrushes, have been quivering with small honeyeaters, both resident and visiting species. Choose varieties with sequential flowering whenever possible to keep the honeyeaters nearby and well fed.

Movement and colour have marked spring, which is our best wildflower season, but there will be flowers in summer too. Watch for the next newsletter in mid November.

– Joan Dillon

Bird collisions with windows.

To avoid death and injury to beautiful birds like this Rose-crowned Fruit-dove, hang some shiny ribbons or CD’s in front of windows to break up the reflection of the surrounding garden which fools so many birds zipping thru.

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