Rainforest Resilience – 10,000 rainforest plants going back into the landscape!

After all of this rain, what a time to be planting. And at the moment we have over 40 landholders planting 10,000 rainforest plants back into the landscape!

As part of our Landcare-led Bushfire Recovery Grant, Barung Landcare has been able to establish a Rainforest Resilience project which is supporting landholders to protect and restore rainforest vegetation across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 

As part of the grant, we have been able to expand our nursery operations and propagate additional plants which has now allowed us to successfully allocate 10,000 native rainforest plants to eligible landholders who are working to restore or extend rainforest vegetation on their property. 

With this funding and by increasing our native plant production, we have been able to support over 40 properties in the last two months to carry out revegetation activities as part of this project. Landholders who have joined the project are currently taking advantage of a wet summer and are busy carrying out their plantings. 

Many landholders also have prime habitat for the Southern Pink Underwing Moth (Phyllodes imperialis subsp. smithersi) and are improving existing habitat by clearing weeds and improving the quality of existing remnants of rainforest which is a key need for the survival of this species. 

By managing the edges of their forests, they are also reducing the risk of further weed incursion, as well as the risk of fire which are both key threats to the Southern Pink Underwing Moth and rainforests in general. 

The grant has also supported us to work with over 140 people since August 2021 through a range of workshops and information sessions. Landholders who attended our events were interested in learning more about how to look after vegetation on their property, build resilience in rainforest ecosystems (particularly in the face of a changing climate), meet other landholders in the area, and learn more about how they can get involved in conservation efforts for the Southern Pink Underwing Moth. 

The grant will be complete in April, but the work of restoring and building resilience in our rainforests is far from over. 

Barung Landcare will continue to seek funding and work with a range of organisations, educators and researchers to continue to provide resources and the latest information to support landholders to look after rainforests and bring threatened species back from the brink of extinction.