barung nature centre

connecting our community with nature

The Barung Nature Centre aims to be a hub of nature-based education and resourcing for people looking after and connecting with the local environment across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Not only will the Barung Nature Centre be a central location for the community and other environmental organisations to come together, collaborate, learn and grow, it will provide essential and high quality resources such as local native plants, educational materials and equipment to the public so that sustainable land management and conservation projects can be carried out across the region.

A fully equipped education space will allow Barung Landcare to host school groups, community organisations, the general public and our members and provide information, workshops, training and field days that support people to access the skills, resources and knowledge they need to look after the local environment.

Our new Native Plant Nursery will allow us to increase our native plant production and provide a broad variety of local native plants for local projects. The nursery will also provide training for local landholders, students and volunteers who wish to learn more about local plants and the vegetation communities we can all take responsibility in looking after.

The Barung Nature Centre will also provide a wonderful place for visitors to the region to come and learn about the local environment, and develop a more in-depth appreciation of our local landscape and how to engage with nature in low impact and sustainable ways.

A central location will enable us to increase our efforts to:

  • Cater to a growing demand for nature-based education from schools, community groups and Council programs
  • Cater to an increasing demand for local native plants for regional restoration projects such as Land for Wildlife, Gardens for Wildlife and landscape resilience projects
  • Cater to increase in demand for advice and support for local environmental projects
  • Provide a space for the community to gather and collaborate to build social and community resilience 

a sustainable building design

Architectural drawing: Tim Guymer

The Barung Nature Centre will be a sustainable development with off-grid solar power, water collection and recycling. 

The building will be constructed using sustainable building materials and will incorporate a passive solar design. 

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the overall development

  • A 30 year lease with Sunshine Coast Council provides security of tenure

  • Moving our community native plant nursery is already fully funded

  • The office, meeting rooms and education space will proceed as funds become available

  • The native garden for wildlife and demonstration rainforest garden has already been planted by our Barung Natural Area Services team, Skilling Queenslanders for Work trainees, volunteers, and the local community

  • A gathering space for educational talks and cultural gatherings has already been completed by the Barung Natural Area Services team, nursery staff, volunteers and Skilling Queenslanders for Work trainees

your opportunity to contribute

While the works have commenced in preparing the site and building the new native plant nursery has commenced, we need significant support to raise funds to complete the entire development of the Barung Nature Centre.

We invite you to make a donation or purchase a raffle ticket in our Electric Car Raffle to support us to complete the Barung Nature Centre.


Your contributions are significant in helping us to provide a wonderful community hub of environmental education and nature connection so that we can continue to inspire and support the broader community to look after our local environment.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Car raffle tickets are not tax deductible, but offer you the chance to win an MG ZS MCE ESSENCE SUV Valued at $50,379 of the colour of your choice. See full terms & conditions here.

every contribution matters