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Sunshine Coast

about the program

Inspired by the highly successful Tasmanian Gardens for Wildlife program, Gardens for Wildlife was born out of an increasing interest of people wishing to join the Land for Wildlife scheme but who did not qualify due to their property size being under 1 ha.


On the Sunshine Coast, a huge proportion of conservation efforts across the region is focused on larger parcels of public and private land. And with good reason. High quality, intact and well-connected landscapes are vital for the future survival of many Australian native species, the quality of our soil and water, and the resilience of our communities. 


But for many people accessing conservation activities can be a challenge. Not everyone can afford a property to look after, some people have limited ability to get out to volunteer projects, and time poor generations are limited in how much they can dedicate to getting involved in local efforts, so the care of our environment seems to be squeezed into the responsibility of a limited few.


But this is exactly why our Gardens for Wildlife program can be just the thing to create a pathway for you to look after nature from the comfort of your own rural block, home garden or even your tiny urban balcony! Every property matters, and every generation can get involved.


Growing local native plants around your home and property can be incredibly beneficial in supporting our local environment. Choosing local native plants over exotic species can help reduce the risk of exotic plants becoming weeds that escape into the bush and degrade habitat. Native gardens can support many local animals with food, water and shelter, and increase their ability to move through the landscape keeping them safe from feral predators, domestic animals and the impact of road traffic. Native ground covers and grasses help provide sanctuary for reptiles, insects and frogs, and create a wonderful place for curious nature-lovers to interact with the natural world.

Gardens for Wildlife is free to join as part of an annual Barung Landcare membership. Memberships start at $35. 

how you can make a difference

The ‘Gardens for Wildlife’ program encourages and recognises wildlife-friendly gardens and environmentally-friendly practices in urban as well as rural-residential gardens. 

Your garden for wildlife can contribute to bringing nature home by welcoming wildlife to share your garden and by providing a healthy, weed free environment for them to do so. 

Providing more native plants and other habitat in the garden is not only valuable in itself, it can also link to habitat nearby, providing safe corridors or ‘stepping stones‘ along which animals can move from place to place. 

By creating or providing a garden that is wildlife-friendly and environmentally-friendly you will: 

  • Help to conserve local plants and animals 
  • Help provide important refuge for native wildlife through times of drought or extreme events
  • Have time to enjoy your garden more by reducing maintenance time and costs 
  • Reduce excess water through wise water use, such as mulching and use of local native plant species which are adapted to local conditions 
  • Benefit from natural pest control by having a diversity of native birds and insects in your garden (no need for chemicals)
  • Benefit from increased pollination and fruit / flower set leading to better production 
  • Have a lower impact on surrounding environments by ensuring what you do on your land does not have an adverse impact beyond your backyard

By becoming a ‘Gardens for Wildlife’ member and displaying your sign, you clearly demonstrate your support and commitment to protecting wildlife species and habitat – this is inspiring and encouraging for the broader community to see.

who is this program for?

The Gardens for Wildlife program caters particularly to people who have less than 1ha of native vegetation and so don’t qualify for Land for Wildlife assistance, but also invites anyone who is interested in creating a native wildlife-friendly garden whether it be in their backyard or on an urban balcony! Every property matters.

As part of your annual Barung Landcare membership (any level), you have the option of joining Gardens for Wildlife for free if you would like to participate in making your property (no matter how small or large) wildlife-friendly.  


  • An attractive gate sign (for first time members)
  • A welcome pack including a set of informative notes and useful materials (for first time members)
  • 2 free native plants from the Barung Landcare Maleny Community Nursery suited to your native garden (annually upon membership renewal)
  • Access to a range of free or discounted workshops and events through Barung Landcare
  • Ongoing access to online resources and fact sheets
  • Access to an online community where you can find inspiration, stories and information to support you on your journey
  • A seasonal newsletter including tips on Gardening for Wildlife


Below you will find a range of fact sheets to help you with your Garden for Wildlife creation. 

sunshine coast local native nurseries

Below you will find a range of local native nurseries that supply a range of local native plants appropriate for Sunshine Coast Gardens for Wildlife designs.

Depending on where you are on the coast, there is sure to be a local native nursery close to you which supplies a range of local native plants that will do well in your area.

Barung Landcare Maleny Community Nursery
26 Porters Lane, Maleny
Ph: 0429 943 152
Barung nursery web page

Mooloolah Native Nursery
Holcim Site, Steve Irwin Way, Glenview
Mooloolah River Landcare
Ph: (07) 5494 5074
Mooloolah River Landcare website

Coolum Community Native Nursery
157 Warran Road, Yaroomba
Ph: (07) 5473 9322
Coolum Natives website

Florabunda Native Nursery
93-145 Diddillibah Road, Woombye
Ph: (07) 5442 1339
Florabunda Bushcare website 

Forest Heart Nursery
20 Coral St, Maleny
Ph: (07) 5435 2193
Forest Heart website

Noosa and District Landcare Nursery
Retail Nursery at the Hinterland Hub, Station St, Pomona (opposite the bakery)
Noosa and District Landcare nursery website
Ph: (07) 5485 2468

Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery
84 Falls Creek Rd, Obi Obi
Ph: (07) 5446 926
Witjuti Grub website

Proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program