native nursery

The Barung Landcare native plant nursery supplies plants for use in revegetation and native gardens. We grow plant species which occur naturally in the forests of the Sunshine Coast. Our nurseries are run by a small team of staff with a dedicated team of volunteers. We  supply a diverse range of quality plants to Barung members and the local community with capacity to supply large regional revegetation projects.

Established in the Hinterland township of Maleny, the Barung Landcare native plant nursery is renowned for growing local rainforest species and has made a significant and ongoing contribution to the restoration and conservation of the regions wonderfully diverse rainforests.

We also propagate a range of other local native species for ecosystems found across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, visit the Maleny Community Nursery on Parklands Drive to see what is on offer, or download the monthly stock list to see what’s seasonally available.

where to collect your plants

Barung Landcare has two native plant nurseries.

The Community Native Plant Nursery is in Maleny and is open to the public for plant and book sales.

At the Community Native Plant Nursery we also provide planting advice and a plant identification service to support forest makers and wildlife gardeners in their efforts to improve the regions natural resources and biodiversity values.

General public
Maleny Community Nursery

Parklands Drive, via Porters Lane, North Maleny

Wednesday – Friday 9 am – 3 pm

Saturday 9 am – 3 pm

Phone 0429 943 152

Private contractors
Commercial Native Plant Nursery


By appointment only

Phone 0429 943 153 

join our barung frequent planter program

Are you a frequent planter? 

Barung Landcare now has a Frequent Planter program for people who are regularly carrying out revegetation activities!

For $50 on top of your annual Barung Landcare membership, you can get access to wholesale prices for an unlimited amount of plants purchased from the Barung Native Nursery for the duration of your membership. 

This program is perfect for anyone carrying out large-scale revegetation projects, or those designing or adding to a home garden for wildlife. 

To join, simply check the box ‘Join Barung Frequent Planter’ when you are filling out or updating you Barung Landcare membership.

Monthly Stocklist

Our local native plant nursery has seasonal stock available for purchase. Download the monthly list below.

Orders can be placed with the nursery in advance for larger revegetation projects.

Seed Collection Days

Seed collection is a wonderful way to learn about local native plants and help Barung Landcare diversify the range of plants available for revegetation projects. Barung runs a series of activities that you can get involved in. 

Grow Local Natives

You can do your part for the local environment by planting wildlife-friendly habitat whether you have a balcony, a home garden or a large property. Every property matters, find out more about how you to make a difference!

projects we've supported

Long time Barung members Di and Ian have been revegetating their property on the Blackall Range for 20 years and have planted some 30,000 trees mostly supplied by Barung. "It’s a joy to walk around the nursery picking out our trusty favourites and discovering new gems we can add to the forest. Quality, quantity and diversity, it’s just brilliant"
Di and Ian
local landholders
On the slopes above the Northern Precinct wetlands in Maleny is a forest that was planted in 2011/12 with plants grown by Barung Landcare. 40,000 tubes were planted as part of Maleny’s wastewater management. Treated wastewater is irrigated through the forest to slowly seep into ground water. Today, some trees are 8m high and the canopy is closing. This is a great example where quality grown tubestock contributes to the success of a local natural resource management project.
SEQ Water
Maleny Project

Volunteer with us

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the local environment and community.

New nursery volunteers are always welcome. Learn about native Australian plants and ecosystems by helping us to collect seed, propagate plants, look after seedlings, support the retail sale of plants at our community nursery, and contribute to the health of our local landscape. 

To express your interest in volunteering, apply below.