Based in Maleny, Barung Landcare is a leading community-led organisation working to develop ethical solutions for a sustainable future. We support local and regional community empowerment to conserve and enhance the rich diversity of natural resources of the Blackall Range and surrounds.

Our Vision

A healthy, resilient landscape and community that is supportive of all life into the future

Our mission

We inspire, connect, educate and support the community to restore, protect and regenerate the natural environment

We do this by

  • Connecting people with nature in meaningful ways that contribute to a rich understanding of the natural world, as well as individual and community wellbeing
  • Collaborating with First Nations communities and embracing traditional knowledge in the way we look after Country
  • Providing a range of education and training opportunities that support the community to take on custodian roles that instil values of respect, responsibility and reciprocity with nature and our natural resources
  • Sharing stories that inspire and educate the broader community on ways to look after and care for nature
  • Supplying a diverse range of quality local native plants to Barung members and the local community, and supporting large regional revegetation projects
  • Offering quality on-ground natural area services that regenerate and restore the natural environment integrating best practice and innovative techniques backed by the latest and emerging scientific and practitioner knowledge 

the challenges

A changing climate

New landholders with limited skills and knowledge

Invasive species

Biosecurity threats

Increased development pressures

Landscape fragmentation

how we are responding

In 2019 Barung Landcare declared a climate emergency. With this came a commitment to increase the production of local native plants and provide the community with skills and knowledge in climate resilience and adaptation practices 

In 2021 Barung Landcare renewed its focus to support a diverse education and community engagement program which supports the community to grow its skills, knowledge and participation in sustainable land management and conservation efforts in the region

By improving partnerships and collaboration with regional bodies, Barung Landcare is able to deliver a broader range of projects, services and training opportunities, as well as increase community access and participation in sustainable land management and conservation efforts in the region

By delivering programs which invite increased community participation in Landcare across all generations, Barung Landcare provides an inclusive environment for the broader community to care for and connect with nature