The Message of the Lyrebird

Join us for a fundraising screening of the award-winning film The Message of the Lyrebird on Thursday October 20! Hear from local speakers and explore ways you can get more involved in the recovery and survival of our biodiversity across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 

Addressing the overwhelming threats to biodiversity that we face today, means taking on more sustainable land management practices, protecting and regenerating our native forests and creating more wildlife-friendly spaces across our region. There’s no better time to be creating a native Garden for Wildlife or getting involved in local environmental projects in the community or on your own property.

Working with Creative Producer of the film, Mark Pearce from Balangara Films, Barung Landcare is hosting this screening of The Message of the Lyrebird to bring together people who share a love for the natural world and who are keen to make a difference.

Guest speakers on the evening will share the ways in which they are making a difference, and share tips and ideas on how others can take action for the environment in their own unique ways.

Funds raised from the screening will go towards local projects that help increase habitat for wildlife and improve the quality of our environment.

The documentary looks at the incredible behaviour of nature, the environment across the east coast of Australia, and the local communities who are co-existing with wildlife to protect these vital ecosystems so that the lyrebird and other Australian wildlife can continue their journey. 

Watch the trailer below.

On the night we’ll also hear from inspiring local speakers who are taking action for the environment, and the director of the documentary. Everyone is welcome!


$20 Adults 

$10 Under 18 yrs

When: Thursday 20 October, 6pm – 8pm (doors and bar will open from 5.30 pm)

Where: Maleny Community Centre, 23 Maple Street, Maleny

Header image: Male Superb Lyrebird displaying all 16 feathers Credit: Nick Hayward