Waste Action Maleny – What’s Going On With Waste?

Words by Yvonne Holmes

Waste Action Maleny (WAM) is a community organisation dedicated to doing waste better in the Maleny region.

After a highly successful National Recycing Week at the end of 2021, WAM took a break from in-person activities. However, there has been plenty of activity behind the scenes. 

The Waste Action Maleny Guide is available online to help you figure out exactly how and where you can recycle all sorts of items. Check it out here. 

Our Facebook group is a safe space to share stories, questions and ideas. We have just launched a new Facebook group called WAM Freebies which is an opportunity for people to give, share, borrow, lend and request anything (as long as it is legal). 

This is not a buying or selling site but a place where we can share things that we no longer want or need. It can be clothes no longer required, flattened cardboard boxes to suppress weeds in the garden, excess garden produce or even sharing skills to reduce waste – eg: mending or making jam. 

The options are limited only by your imagination. Join the network and discover the joy of giving and sharing.