Your donations make a difference

Over the last couple of years, donations from the community, local businesses and organisations have enabled us to commence the build of our new Nature Centre as well as the design and planting of our Barung Seed Forest!

With the help of Sunshine Coast Council, our amazing Skilling Queenslanders for Work trainees, staff and dedicated volunteers, we prepared the site to start the migration of our native plant nursery, and planted a range of native plants, which is now providing a beautiful evolving educational space for us to invite the community to learn about how to look after the local environment.

As the Barung Seed Forest has grown over the last year, a yarning circle was opened in June 2021 with a ‘Yarn around the Yarning Circle’ with Aunty Beverly Hand, and has since been used to run citizen science activities and wildlife surveys, planting activities, twilight picnics, and a range of Gardens for Wildlife workshops!

Much much more is planned for the future ahead, and we thank all who have contributed and donated time and money to date to help make this project a reality. While the Nature Centre will take time to build, the Barung Seed Forest has already become a place of growth, learning and connection for all generations.

If you would like to make a contribution, please consider making a tax deductible donation to Barung Landcare.

Your donations will be helping us to further establish the new Nature Centre and Seed Forest – a space that allows us to deliver a range of environmental projects, and education and community engagement initiatives that help people look after the local environment.