Gardens for Wildlife

Gardens for Wildlife – Open native garden trail success!

Over the weekend of the weekend of the 17-18th of September, we hosted our inaugural Gardens for Wildlife Open Native Garden Trail where we were joined by a number of our members to explore a diversity of local native gardens which have been created by fellow Gardens for Wildlife members. These members generously opened their […]

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Bush Turkeys

words by Tigerlily Boyce Wildlife that have learned to thrive in our urban environments can often be seen as welcome residents or be a point of conflict with humans for a variety of reasons. Bush, brush or scrub turkeys, Alectura lathami are unfortunately seen as trouble due to their mischievous behaviour around gardens when they

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mini ecosystem pot plants

Words by Tigerlily Boyce From rainforest to wetlands, creating mini ecosystem pot plants is a great way to provide habitat, food and shelter for an array of wildlife in small areas, such as a balcony or patio. They also double as a wonderful garden feature! The technique draws on concepts of ‘lasagne planting’, by combining

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