Barung Native Nursery – AUTUMN Update

What’s in stock? A stunning selection of fine ferns!

The Maleny Community Nursery at Porters Lane is currently flush with beautiful native ferns! Come in and view the range of stock available before it goes.

Download our monthly stocklist

Looking to get into a planting project after all this rain? It is the perfect time, we’ve had a wonderful wet season perfect to give your seedlings a good start. 

You can download the monthly stocklist from our nursery page on the website here. 

Behind the scenes

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in our native nurseries to bring you quality tubestock for your revegetation projects and native gardens for wildlife. From collecting and propagating seed, to general care and maintenance of the nurseries, it’s a joy to work with our staff and volunteers to make sure our community and project partners have access to a diversity of species that truly make a positive difference when planted back into the local environment.

Growing for the future

Thanks to funding from the Australian Governments Landcare-led Bushfire Recovery Grant, we have been able to expand our Landsborough Native Nursery to be able to cope with the production of an extra 10,000 native plants that are currently going out to landholders carrying out rainforest restoration projects! 

Bunya abundance 

It has been a bumper season for Bunya Pines (Araucaria bidwillii) and Wayne and the Landsborough team of volunteers and staff have been working hard to sow thousands of seeds in preparation for future planting projects with Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group. What an amazing ongoing project this is to be part of.

Thousands of Bunya seeds sown at our native nursery

Thank you volunteers!

Volunteers are the heart of Barung Landcare’s nurseries! Over the summer, volunteers actively contributed hundreds of hours to helping with various tasks around the nurseries, from plant propagation, to caring for seedlings to ongoing maintenance of our sites. We couldn’t do it without you, thank you for your dedication. 

Volunteers Gretchen, Sue, Ron and Hagan at an outing at Kathleen MacArthur Reserve

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